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Not able to call to US with long distance addon

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I'm trying to call a number from Missouri area code 314 from Canada but I get the automated PM reply saying international call is not included in my plan.


I only have provincial calling but I have a 200m long distance add on that should be for this purpose but it's not working.






Mayor / Maire

I saw another thread with the following statement, and the area code you're trying to dial doesn't exist in the following information:


I was looking at the add-ons and it says that numbers starting with 712-432, 605-562, 641-552, 605-475, 605-477, 712-775, 559-726 are not supported for the us roaming and will not be completed when dialled... What does this mean? 


As it's not in that list, I would suggest sending a PM to the Moderator_Team to ask for assistance on this.  Area code 314 would appear to be an accepted destination caller, as it's not any of the ones listed above.


@kkum, while you sort things out with the moderator team, you might want to install hangouts and hangouts dialer apps and use it to make the call.  I just used my google voice account to call a home depot in MO and the call went through as I expected it to. 

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