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No Mobile Data!! same question no solution!?!?!??!

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hello to all who are willing to offer help and others who are desperatley looking for a solution in this forum!!


I just switcched to Public Mobile with a plan that includes Voice, text and DATA.. I activated my plan; I receive calls and can make calls. BUT i do not have internet connection on my phone. Basically NO MOBILE DATA!  however when i put my sim card into my old phone (samsung) it works perfectly...  my new phone is ZTE AXON A1R and OS is ANDROID 6.0.1


I did numerous factory resets. reset the APN. but no luck!! dont ask me if the mobile data is on!! yes it is on.. airplane mode is off and my phone is active including data and I know my phone was working just fine with my previous service provider. So it is not my phone..  it is not the sim card.. it is that some unknown godly power up there until we figure this out!!! tahnk you very much for your responses in advance.. 


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@Kvd wrote:

I did this "Dial *3001#12345#* " and it show on my phone Errror performaing request unknow error.

APN field show:

No idea what or where "IPv4" is.

@Kvd please have a look here:

Customer Support Agent
Customer Support Agent

Hi @Kvd


We've replied to your private message. Please check your inbox 🙂


Thank you



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