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Need a second Sim card for the same number

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

i work in a very distructive enviroment , and i would like to use my old phone with my current number ...can i get a second sim card to my number ? i have a expensive phone that i would like to use for social occasions . I dont want a second number but use my number on both phones ..simple to keep track of payments or suggestions 



sorry not possible,1 sim card 1number.

Just use you SIM card in the older phone, and switch the sim when you want to use the nice one.


@vincep Get a number from then a second SIM card for the old phone. Forward your preferred numbet to fongo and answer it from the old phone. See:  100% SERVICE

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Technically, not impossible, but...


Public doesn't have any time of "share" plans or any type of offering that allows customers to have one number but 2 unique/different sim cards (think of one for a phone, but another for a smartwatch, etc.).


When I say technically not impossible, because Public Mobile doesn't allow 2 different sims to be active on the same account/same phone number,  the way to do it would be to clone your sim card.  Saying that, don't do this. I am not sure about the legality of cloning your sim card, but if you did and both happened to connect to the network at the same time, even for a split second, your service is going to get cancelled.  Carriers would see this as someone stealing service and/or trying to pretend to be you.


So sorry, but if you want to going back and forth between different devices, you'll need to either pay for 2 plans or you'll have to keep moving your sim card from one device to the other.

Another two SIM idea.


Get a sim for both your devices, and activate a plan on each.  Setup a account for setting up your own calling Centre telephone receptionist, and use the service to send the call to both phones.


Ive not done it, but it is doable.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

yeah dont want to be paying for two seperate plans