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Locked out. help! no response when I messaged a site admin either

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

hey really need to get my roaming working, as Public Mobile stupid sysem locked me out while I was trying to buy roaming access at the airport, now stuck in US without cell or data for 2 weeks.


It locked me out with one miss spelling of my password (I suspect)

subsequent tries failed, locked me out too

attempt to reset password gave me no chance, said I am locked out and must contact 'public mobile' which has no customer service to contact.


I then came here earlier today and messaged a random admin - no response.

(I did manage to get my wife's phone on public mobile roaming today, under my other account)








Did you try dialing 611 to see whether you can add on US roaming?  Or just self service account?



Mayor / Maire


I sent you a private message so you can see the red blob above the little envelope in the upper right corner.

The above suggestion should work but for getting logged into your account for future access you'll need to send ONE (1) private message to them here and include your phone number and PIN to minimize back and forth identity verification delays.
Forget your PIN? Then you'll need 3 of either of these pieces of information you used when you signed up: full address, birthdate, last 4 digits of CC you might have used, email address on the account, alternative phone number you might've entered when you signed up. Or, in addition, either of these to get to 3: last payment amount and date, last add-on bought and date.
And of course your question/problem.
Then hopefully they will get back to you as soon as they can between M-F 9-9 (ET) and Sat-Sun 9-7:30 (ET). But it could be up to a couple days.
Depending on your notification settings, you would get an email notifying you of a reply. Get back here and see a red blob over the little envelope in the upper right of your screen and click on it to see the message.

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