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If I purchase the internation text unlimited, and I am an iphone user does this mean I can text SMS (android) without paying if traving in US from Canada? Do I turn data/roaming off or how does this work?


Please advise. 



Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@srlawren wrote:

@maggie1234 anyone you normally have "green bubble" chats with should be fine.  I think if you want to message other iPhone users while you are in the USA with just the US Roaming Texting add-on, you may have to change some settings in your Messages app, but I'm not totally familiar with the details.  @Luddite @CalgaryBen @Rockdaddy22 could one of you provide more details on setting iMessage to only deliver over SMS/MMS for the duration of @maggie1234's stay in the US?

If you have no data, blue bubble people should automatically revert to green bubble people, no need to do anything. 

@maggie1234 wrote:

Thank you. I left roaming and cellular on and it shows at&t I’m top right. That’s ok though right? I’m not roaming and being charged? 

Remember, your service is with pm not at&t or T-Mobile and pm is prepaid. So if the service is not included in your plan it just won't work. No overages, even in the US.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

That’s a great point. 

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