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Canadian Cellular YO-YO pricing.

Mayor / Maire

Last week 1.99

Now 5.99

Has been 3.99

Has been 10.00 supposedly only when out of stock 


I just don’t get it!


Yes, free delivery and quickly processed. 


Some one mentioned why PM is slow to supply because jokingly some suggested that PM buys from CCS. 


But today I find CCS has a huge supply of 5,000 and appears to me that you can order only 2 at a time...but how many orders can you do and for free delivery? Same price as online with a limit and they have to pay eBay and PayPal for listing and selling. So what’s up with the inconsistency??


ps. Also just found that an eBay seller can set limits and can prevent you from buying again in a 10 day period. 










Mayor / Maire

Hi @LurganIeUk 


You have to get it while it's hot.


It's the same with PM plans.

Last year, we were able to get the $10 and $60 plans.

Earlier this month, we had the $30 plan.


Should we talk about the PM flash sales?

PM and CCS, it's like a match made in heaven lol. 😀

Mayor / Maire

Save $8, $4, $6, or $0 with this ebay vendor (depending on yo-yo)

... vs ...

pay a flat $10 directly to Public Mobile to get a SIM card directly from Public Mobile.


I'm not gonna accuse this particular vendor of being crooked. They're probably legit. Even overlooking the readable SIM ID numbers in their item photos, because we all know that's just a sample and not a careless oversight.


I'm just gonna say that I think saving a handful of loonies isn't worth "dramatically" increasing the risk of exposure to costly SIM swap/fraud. And there's a lot of that going around these days, it seems.


The little chip and secret number on your SIM card should be treated the same way as the little chip and secret number on your bank or credit card.


Would you ever buy a bank card from an ebay vendor? Is the idea more tempting if the bank card on ebay is a few bucks cheaper than the bank card issue fee charged by your bank?


Public Mobile can always be trusted to provide clean, secure, uncompromised, unseen, untouched, and untampered Public Mobile SIM cards.

I am not suggesting any crookedness or dishonesty. I am a firm supporter of both as neither has done me any wrong. I worked in the operations side for a major retailer. There were regulations in regards to pricing, sale price, and how often the same item was on sale in the year. I just find the fluctuating prices to be very frustrating and can leave  CCS customers with an uncomfortable feeling of being ripped off or taken advantage of. Sure anything less than $10 is nice but a consistent low price with the odd sale would make more sense in my opinion. And to pre notify existing customers ahead of time would be nice or to mail us a xx% off promo code with an expiration date. 


A buck fifty less here. 



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Why I it that this morning all their Sim Cards are full price and ALL are SOLD OUT?

Why I it that this morning all their Sim Cards are full price and ALL are SOLD OUT?

@LurganIeUk if you're talking about CCS look at the red banner.



Yes I saw that. But find it very odd that all SIM cards can all be simultaneously out of stock. 

@LurganIeUk yes that is true and is weird. 


Maybe something on their side. Like lost their bank account associated with the payment processors. So they took it down till they sort it out. I dont know 🤔


They have a number to one of their stores. Give them a call and see if you can find anything out. Let us know.


+1 289-937-2200

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