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Can a mod help me disable voicemail?

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Every SINGLE day I get MULTIPLE spam calls to my PM number. I've already blocked their numbers but they ALWAYS LEAVE A ****ING VOICEMAIL that I can't disable. Please help me disable voicemail entirely. Thank you


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen



It's been a week and so far I haven't received any spam voicemails. I think your method actually worked! Thanks for the help.

@kkum great to hear. It was not my method per say but one i remembered seeing being suggested  in the past.


Glad it is working.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

You may be able to help those who ligitimately want to get hold of you. Your message could say something to the effect:


"This voice mail is not in service. Please send a text to same number if you need to leave a message"


On a related point, I cannot find any Knowledge Base article or something similar that outlines all of the various VoiceMail functions and features. Is there one? 





Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

If anyone is discovering this thread and wants to know how to set up the extended absence greeting and prevent people from leaving you mesages, I outlined the steps here last week:

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A couple of alternatives:

  1. Disable VM through the Call Forwarding options on your phone. Read the following:
  2. Extend the ringing time as long as possible. Read the following:


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