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Beginner’s Guide to the Community

Retraité / Retired
Retraité / Retired

Hey Community Member!


Welcome to the Public Mobile Community. Our Community is a place where you can search for answers to your burning questions, help other Community members, earn rewards, and so much more!

Navigating the Community might seem a bit daunting at first, but we’re here to help you. Let’s start with the basics:


What is the Public Mobile Community and why does it exist?

 The Community is an online platform for Public Mobile customers to search, ask, and answer questions related to your service. In addition to providing help and support, the Community also serves as a way for us to better connect with you.


Public Mobile is constantly evolving, and we wouldn’t be able to do so without your feedback and suggestions. You are an essential part of the Public Mobile family, and we are growing together. In addition to that, using online platforms like the Community helps us keep costs low, which means more affordable prices for you.


What can I do in the Community?

Mostly commonly, Community members search, ask, and answer questions. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you settle into the Community:


Try searching your question first: you may find that someone has already encountered a similar situation and that an answer has already been provided. If your question hasn’t been asked before, start a topic. You only need to post once—someone will answer your question.


Asking and answering questions: the more specific you are, the more helpful it is for everyone. That said, helpful partial answers are better than nothing. Just make sure you don’t post any personal account information (e.g. credit card numbers, phone numbers, etc.).


Post in our “Get Support” board: If you have any question Public Mobile related, our Get Support board is the place to find answers. No support question is off limits, here you will find topics for: Rewards, Certified Pre-owned Phones, Service, Payment, My Account and more! 


Stay on topic: when it comes to support questions, it’s best to stay focused so that problems can get solved quickly. If you do want to discuss the news, or nearly anything else, there’s the Discussion board for that!


Recognize when your question has been answered: when the Community has served up a solution, click ‘Accept as Solution’ on the response. It helps people find answers more quickly and communicates your appreciation to the people who helped you.


Participate and get Rewards: it’s your Community, too, and that’s why we encourage everyone to get involved. In addition to Rewards for eligible customers, we have added a ranking system and badges to your profile. It’s our way to thank you and let others know that you’re a stand-up member of the Community.


Point out offensive content: we want our Community to be welcoming, respectful, and friendly. Offensive and rude comments are not welcome, and if you see anything that does not meet our Community Terms of Service, let us know by clicking the ‘Report Inappropriate Content’ button.


Check out this post on How to Navigate the Community.


 How do I benefit from the Community?

You can earn rewards as a Public Mobile Community member. Based on your level of involvement with our Community, you can earn up to $20 every 30 days. The amount you are rewarded depends on your contribution level relative to overall contribution, which can change month to month even if you contribute very consistently. For more information on Community rewards, check out this Help Article.

Rewards don’t stop at the Community - check out this Help Article on how you can earn even more rewards.


 What are the different roles in the Community?


Public Mobile Employees:

Members with a “PM” badge are Public Mobile product managers. Our goal is to enhance your Public Mobile experience by listening to your feedback and making improvements to our services. We are inspired by YOU - the Public Mobile Community.

Members with a “CS_Agent” badge are Community Customer Support Agents. These members are here to help you troubleshoot any tech-related or service-related issues.



Members with a star badge are Oracles.

The Oracles are a small group of Community members who have extensive knowledge about all things Public Mobile, and are passionate about making the Community a better place by helping our members. Oracles have used their knowledge to make a positive impact in the Community, by being helpful and providing constructive solutions and ideals, and their reward is legendary status—we view them as part tech wizard, part boy/girl scout, and part Jedi master.


While the Oracles do actively help the Community, please remember that they’re customers like you, and not Public Mobile employees. Please reach out to the Customer Support Agent Team for tech- or service-related issues.

Meet our Oracles here.


Community Citizens:

The Community wouldn’t be here without our amazing Community “citizens” (i.e. members). Depending on length of membership and level of activity, Community members can unlock different titles - the newest being “New in Town”, and most tenured being “Mayor”.

  • Mayor
  • Deputy Mayor
  • Town Hero
  • Model Citizen
  • Great Citizen
  • Good Citizen
  • Great Neighbour
  • Good Neighbour
  • New Neighbour
  • New in Town

Regardless of title, everyone plays an important part in making the Community a welcoming place for everyone, and every member’s contribution to the Community is appreciated.


Terms of Services

To ensure the Community is a safe and enjoyable place for everyone, all members must follow the Community Terms of Services.


We hope this post was helpful in introducing you to the Public Mobile Community. Thank you again for choosing Public Mobile.


- The Public Mobile Team

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Mayor / Maire

@Catherine_T wow, very nice work here! Interesting reading. I am sure, it would answer some of the questions newbies may have after joining our PM's family😊


Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Very helpful. 


Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I appreciate this comment as you are completely correct. The promise of being able to help and earn credit on my PM account certainly was draw, though not my main one, to signing up with PM. This ought to be taken out of the marketing materials. The plans are cheap enough that this aspect of things wouldn't make a difference. 


Also, there is a typo in the post. 


"Mostly commonly" is not correct. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  1. True im trying my hardest to earn some extra bucks off n seems it is definitely harder then they let on lol but i will continue to try

@Simonewmetz wrote:
  1. True im trying my hardest to earn some extra bucks off n seems it is definitely harder then they let on lol but i will continue to try

 @Simonewmetz'll need to try a little harder than this one post starting from today. 🙂

Welcome to Public Mobile though. Just put in time posting when you feel like it. If you put in sufficient time doing that then you could see a little surprise early each month.

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