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Activation Something went wrong

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi I tried to activate my sim completed all my information and a message come up saying something went wrong. I didnt receive an email and I believe the sim wasn't activated. When I tried to activate it again it's not accept the 19 digit sim number.


All I want to do is active my sim and transfer my existing number. The Bot cannot help, the contact moderator it gives me options of it it's a payment issue or porting issue and it's neither and doesn't let me pass.


Can someone help?





Accepted Solutions

Mayor / Maire

@Mannyj  Who are you trying to port from? Account must be active and good standing from old provider. If it's Koodo prepaid you have to pick a new number, activate, then contact mods to port over. Accounts with Koodo , Telus that are not in good standing may be ported as well since Telus owns PM. Freedom if within 10 days of account expiring apparently can be ported as well.


Are you getting an invalid message now?


Did you pass the payment section? 


If yes check if your card was charged.


If it was charged put your sim card in your phone it will likely work.


If it does work and you were charged go to link below to create your self serve account.


If you were not charged. System locks sim for 50 minutes. Wait one hour, clear internet cookie/history cache open a fresh browser in incognito mode and try again.


Don't forget a referral code for a $10 sign up bonus. If you used one and were charged and service works the credit will be applied within 72 hours.


Welcome to Public Mobile 🙂


Follow @Jb456 advice if you have to start again after waiting out the 50 min lock out session follow these steps in addition to the ones offered in the previous post.


For a successful error free activation follow these instructions:


  • Clear your browser history and close all tabs.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Open one tab only in secret/incognito mode.
  • Firefox, chrome or safari work best.
  • Do not use back button
  • Enter your referral code about halfway down the first activation page
  • Check the authorized to port box first.
  • Enter the name on the account of the phone number you want to port.
  • Add the account # and the phone number you wish to port.
  • The alternate number is optional. ( Use a home, work, family members phone # etc...)
  • Do not use the apt/unit box in your credit card billing address details.
  • Add any suite # to your street address. ie 101-123 1st AVE W YOUR TOWN, PROV,
  • Do not add a space to the postal code. X0X0X0 not X0X 0X0.
  • USE ALL CAPS if necessary

Good luck and welcome to public mobile. ** Write down your password, pin# and security question and answer and put it in a safe and secure place just in case you forget them and need access to your account.


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville



I can understand your frustration with this. Can you let us know what the error said. If you were interrupted during the signup process you can close the browser and try again later on. If you still can’t complete the sign-up process, then only a Mod can help with it.


Mod Contact:


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

IMEI is  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Call and text works but data does not. 



edited by computergeek541: IMEI can be used to port a phone number to another carrier



Is your cell data turned on and have you checked your apn settings.




This is a public forum. Choose 3 vertical dots and edit your post to remove IMEI.




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Anyone around to do some editing? Please and thank you!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks for reply, so I'm not sure if it is fully activated. I didnt receive any email from Public, and I don't appear to have an account for me to log into.  However my number appears to have been transferred and I'm currently using my Public Mobile sim and its my previous cell number.


I ported from Freedom.


Do you know when I will receive an email? And if I have to now make an account?


I did enter a referral code at point of activation, but as I don't appear to have an account I can't check.





What happens when you go to this link below and you try to log into your account?


Username would be your email address and password is what you picked during activation.


If it says account not found. Try creating one at link below. See what happens.


Let us know!