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3G data is being used although my data is turned off?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hello everyone, I have data turned off on my phone constantly, I only use my wifi at home.  However, on my account I  notice that somehow 3G data is being used?  It is a very small amount (0.001 MB).  Here is a line from my usage:

09/01/2021 1:45Web     0.001 MBMB$0.00

I have several of these showing, and I am wondering why is this happening, am I doing something or using something on my phone that is accessing data, even thought I think I am not?
Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



@abbigalececcato wrote:

So does this mean I can send MMS messages and not worry about on the 15/100 min plan?

On a plan that includes unlimtied text messaging, MMS is also unlimited, so yes.

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As mentioned all incoming/outgoing texts (SMS/MMS) are unlimited as is all incoming calling. The only thing metered is your outgoing calling (100 min) which also counts your calls to voicemail from your device against your limit. Calls from another phone to your voicemail do not. Just press star (*) when you connect and enter your pin#. Known outgoing minutes that currently do not count against your minutes include:


  1.  Call forwarding
  2. 1 "800" numbers (toll free)
  3. 611

If you recieved the holiday 500 international long distance calling min add on then these minutes will be used if you exceed your 100 minutes alottment per 30 days. You will recieve a text message from pm informing you have 10 minutes remaining on your plan minutes.To supplement the $15/100 min plan most customers purchase (add funds then buy) the $5/500min canada wide calling add on. This one time purchase will remain on your account rolling over each 30 days until completely used. Could take months could take years but its there to supplement your plan if needed.

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