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Mayor / Maire

Re: new number spam

@evevvren 782 was established in 2014. It's probably okay. It's just that with some of the newer area codes foreign providers haven't updated their lists to include them . So you may have problems calling and receiving calls from them. Stay safe. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: new number spam

@evevvren wrote:

could you elaborate on stay away from newer area codes??

Some people have experienced that some banks, social networks, google, take a long time to recognize new area codes as valid phone numbers for verification / texting purposes. For example BC area code 672 is barely a year old.


A recent poster @brusselsboy was able get 672 numbers to be accepted by Google after contacting them:


Hopefully if you experience that elsewhere, you would also be willing to try to contact those orgs to highlight the issue with their systems that need to be updated for everyone's benefit...

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: new number spam

I actually didn't contact Google to receive a message code when I added my 672 number in my Google Account. I don't know if it is because my Google account was registered/set in the region of Canada.

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