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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

account suspended

Hello, please help me, I sended several emails already to the public mobile MOD ppl. Since Sunday dec 10, I had my account susspended because insufficent funds. But the funds are there, I have enouth credit and the credit card company cleared the payment. I dont know what is happening and why are you doing such things. I had a good experience with you since I joined the company but now, is like hell. I need my phone working and you need to correct this situation. Why I dont get any email back from you? What kind of service is this? I reffered friends to public mobile and you what are you doing? I dont want to loose my number amd I need my phone working. I text to one of you earlier in November, about the promotion you have, and she responded that i will have 12GB pf data and i'll pay the same as i'm paying now on my plan for 90 days. So I am waiting to have a response back from you and correct the problem you created. My email is


Mayor / Maire

Re: account suspended

This sounds like a current bug in the system on plan changes, and unfortunately, response times are long.  Please ensure you have supplied via Private message the following info to a moderator.  For example @Mary_M


your public mobile phone number

your old plan, and what the new plan should be

ensure your payment has gone thru, but do not attempt to pay again


You can try removing and reinserting your SIM.


i hope this helps, this should be a simple fix.


if you have wifi service, you can try an App like


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