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What GSM bands does PM use?

Hi I need some help. I'm wanting to buy my son a smart watch and connect it to the PM network. The watch says it works on 3G networks on these GSM bands: 

Frequency Bands

GSM 850/900/ 1800/1900Mhz+ WCDMA 2100Mhz

Does PM support GSM? If so, does it work on any of the listed band frequencies? I want to double check before ordering the watch. Thanks! 🙂


Re: What GSM bands does PM use?

GSM usually means 2G service; Public Mobile is only 3G and LTE. The bands in use are the same as Telus as listed here:

If it's in the list, this website has been accurate:


Based on the list you have provided I expect this phone will not work on Public Mobile.

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Re: What GSM bands does PM use?

@Rachel7884 Rogers (& its sub brands) is only carrier in Canada where GSM is officially supported (technically Freedom could roam in Away zones but then your plan will get cancelled for abuse)


Telus / Bell require 3G at least


As an aside, I would be very skeptical any smart watch would just support the older bands listed... even the chinese brands are usually more modern.


Post the type of watch I am sure someone can give you better details



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Re: What GSM bands does PM use?

As mentioned, PM does not offer any GSM service. There's 3G UMTS/WCDMA/HSPA on Band 2 (1900) and Band 5 (850), and 4G LTE on numerous bands.

This watch will not work at all with PM.
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