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will the simcard that I have with publicmobile phone work in a samsung galaxy phone?


Re: Technolgy


Yes, as long as it is the same size.

If not, click Contact Us on this site's homepage. Another page will open with Email Away on it. Click that. Another page will open with radio buttons. Click the buttons that pertain to your situation, and, after selecting the last button, click Email Us. A web form will be displayed. Complete the web form, including an alternate phone number, and, in approximately two weeks, you will receive the SIM card that you are seeking.

I hope that this has answered your question.

Re: Technolgy

Provided it is the correct size, don't see why it wouldn't. Any chance you can try it out before buying? If so, that is the ultimate proof.


Also you will need to be sure it is unlocked, or locked only to Koodo/Telus.

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Re: Technolgy

Any phone with the gsm 3g or 4g/lte bands would indeed work with public mobile, and I know for a fact that all Samsung Galaxy phones do work on the network, as long as it is unlocked, or from either koodo or telus.

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