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Mayor / Maire

Re: Suspended accounts

@meganann1105  It sounds like youre on the $50 plan. You bought a $50 voucher.

  1. Did you load the $50 voucher on your account either by logging in or thru 611?
  2. If so did you have your renewal occur after loading the voucher successfully?
  3. Did your plan continue to work after renewal?
  4. Did your plan stop working upon renewal?
  5. What is the status of your account when you log in? Suspended?
  6. If suspended have you tried to reactivate it and reboot your phone?

Your next option would be to add $1 to your account to kick start your renewal to work but this is difficult if you don't have a credit card on file. Unless you have a friend with a card willing to do this one time for you. Otherwise it sounds like your renewal failed and you need a moderator to fix it.


If you did not load your voucher on your account do so. Reactivate. Reboot phone. Services should resume.

If all your services are working. Ignore the message it's been sent out in error. It happens sometimes.