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Mayor / Maire

Re: Scam call

@Pop1 wrote:

I am quite new to PM so I hope I am asking this question in rather right place..


Got a call yesterday from 18259936763.

I answered it as (Public Mobile)was displayed and also the first six numbers(825993) of my PM number were shown.

A rather deep voice started to inform me that some fine was levied against my social insurance this point I ended the call.

Has anyone else been called by this number.

Keep safe everyone

Bob S


It’s tax time and the scammers are out of their cocoons. 


May I suggest.  


My Public Mobile Call Blocking


Just keep blocking. Eventually you will get it under control.


Keep in mind you may be blocking legitimate numbers as these callers “may” use legitimate numbers. It is called “Spoofing” which consists of altering the caller ID to show a different numberthan the one actually being used for making the telephone call. This is frequently done to mislead the person receiving the telephone call into believing that the call is either local, or from a trusted organization.


So before you block check your contact list to make sure you are not  blocking a number you would expect a call from. Also Google 800Notes and can confirm, sometimes, if it is a call that you absolutely don’t want. I have had a call from my own number. They spoof a number that is in your calling area to make you feel more confident to answer. 


I don’t recommend registering with a DO NOT CALL LIST. It puts your number on a list that callers CAN call you. SEE HERE


THE BEST WAY TO CONTROL IS TO CONTROL YOURSELF. very suspect of a SCAM call if your caller ID only shows a number and no name. The name often comes from YOUR contact list on your device.


Keep your contact lists up to date AND block, block and block some more!!


😀Changing your number is not a good idea if it was previously used. 😀


I too would also suggest to use the DO NOT DISTURB settings on your phone as well and make sure you set what options work best for you. If iPhone see here. 






Also SEE HERE for more information on blocking calls on both Android and iOS devices.

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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Scam call


Thankyou so much for taking time out to reply with the excellent info.

Thats a great help

Stay safe


Mayor / Maire

Re: Scam call

@Pop1  If you ever have a problem with blocked callers resulting in junk voicemail, you can prevent blocked callers from reaching your voicemail by setting the conditional call forward for blocked/declined calls to go to a dead-end. The caller would hear either a fast-busy or endless ring when on the block list, or when you manually decline an incoming call instead of the regular behaviour of being directed immediately to your voicemail. Makes your number appear even "more dead" in the spammers database... Unanswered calls and calls while your phone is off or out of the coverage area will continue to route to voicemail as usual.


To set, dial: *67#8080000000#

To unset, dial: ##67#

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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Scam call

Well it appears that some progress against spam calls. Received this warning today on my PM phone just over an hour ago.



Mayor / Maire

Re: Scam call

@iainc Thanks to Samsung's "Smart Call" app preinstalled on your phone:


Do it's settings default to sending Samsung your name and number too? Other apps like "TrueCaller" go as far as uploading your entire address book...

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