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Re: Province-Wide Calling

@Asher2 wrote:

Hmm. I might give a week or less to decide wether I should change plans, hopefully the limited time offer isn’t gone by then which im pretty sure it won’t.

I can give you additional information on how a province wide calling plan works so that in the event when you are ready to switch plans and the price for the Canada wide calling plan has gone up in price, you can make an informed decision on plan selection.  The province wide calling is based on the province that in which the call originates.  So if you visit QC and make a call while in QC, the province wide calling covers all calls within QC.  Incoming calls are included no matter where the call originates.  While it might sound like a huge loss, province wide calling may not be so impactful.  The $5 price differential pays for 500 long distance minutes which is likely to more than make up for the loss of Canada wide calling.  My legacy plan is province wide calling only.  I consume minutes calling out of province.  I do this so infrequently that 500 minutes can last months and months.  

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Province-Wide Calling

@will13am UPDATE:


I have decided NOT to move on and get the $25 plan.


Before you say anything, the reason I have chose not to is I do not need the extra data nor do I need unlimited calling. BUT I previously did say that 100mins of calling may not be enough in the near future. So I have found a solution, I will most likely buy 2 of the $5 500mins Canada wide add-on and split the mins into 4 months. That means I will be getting about 350minutes (included plan) each month. This will save me about $30 every four months. I know that it doesn’t really do much but I believe that every single penny counts.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Province-Wide Calling

Yes it will be possible 

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