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Re: Porting number scam

I think PM should update this forum software  to auto detect post with email address, account # and phone# and replaced with **** similar to replacing swear word with **bleep***.


On the other hand, people should know better not to post email address, account# or phone# oin forum posts.  But I see posts on this forum all the time.


Re: Porting number scam

@dsi1 Some comfort? 

Fraud Protection - porting

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Re: Porting number scam

@dsi1 wrote:

My main point is, if illigal porting does happen somehow, taking action right away is critical, carrier needs to start the reversal process right away... You can't be waiting days for moderator to see the message, it can be too late and your number will be gone for good 

I don't understand why he/she will illegally port your PM phone number to his/her account, it doesn't make sense, there's no benefit for his/her illegally porting phone number. The only benefit for he/she illegally porting phone number is he/she knew your bank account number, password, and need phone number to do two steps verification. But again if he/she knew your bank account number and password, he/she can change phone number in your bank account, therefore he/she don't need port your phone number.

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Re: Porting number scam

I just got SIM Jacked, was not possible to log into account to change things since they changed account and i got a ForgotPassword/LoginUnsuccessfulUser_LoginDisabled error 

So I am now fcked for phone number and services with NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT to turn to. 

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