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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Plan not updating

I updated my phone plan to a bigger deal, but aside form seeing the agreed expense portion, with appropriate data increase, my plan details have not changed, and it has now been over one month. As I am on a 30 day renewal plan, would greatly appreciate my plan renewing, as this is now on the fourth month, and am unsure if anything has ever renewed (instead of simply accumulating from past months, making me expend a bigger purchase as a result).

Help to this problem would be great, as I want to use my new phone more, instead of only having new, different problems added on.

Thank you.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Plan not updating


Re: Plan not updating

@Roramir, even if you future dated the plan change, it would have taken effect on the next renewal.  There is no way that a plan change can be deferred month after month.  In your overview tab, what plan do you see as being in effect for your account?  That is the plan you should have.  Check also the payment history to confirm that the charges are consistent with the plan in the account. 

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