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Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

Thanks for the reply, Dunkman. Now I've tried Firefox & Firefox incognito. Same old same old, but look at this contradiction on my "Make Payment" page:

     "Your account has already enough balance."

     "Your service is currently suspended due to insufficient funds."

(I'm on Autopay for the $10/mo. plan, but had to replace my MasterCard on the same day it was stolen abroad on August 1. PM has registered the new number.)


I also contacted my MasterCard provider, and was told PM had been there to verify on August 11; and that MC has no hindrances on my account.


(I posted in Stonechucker's open letter, as an example of how PM can lose one or two or three new customers due to sloppy aggravating bugs in their payment system.)

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Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

@MoreYummy wrote:

These kind of bugs are here for long time, which supposed to be fixed long time ago as well.  They well aware of their existings.  They probably dont put them into first piority.  

Things as important as reset password is there is way over due.


Perhaps they dont mind losing a portion of customers and referral due to these bugs.  Smiley Happy

Seems that way becuase you're right. It's been going on for 3 years now, and if they were substantially losing customers to the point where revenue was affected, they would have likely prioritized and fixed these issues years ago.


Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

@jp2 wrote:

@will13am wrote:

I think there simply needs to be fixes to the issues noted in this letter.  The notion of stopping promotions until the fixes are done does not make sense.  It is the growth of the business that emphasize the importance of this service to Telus and therefore the need to invest in the brand.  The more new activations bring up these problems, the more Public Mobile nees to take them seriously and put resources to resolving them.  Bringing new business and fixing problems should not be viewed as mutually exclusive but rather two pursuits that are well connected.  @Alan_K@Brooke_C, do you guys care to answer to this open letter?

I think they are probably a little tied up at the moment. I would hope it's all hands on deck.


@will13am I'm going to have to disagree with you; I think @stonechucker is right they need to reduce the promos so the system isn't being overloaded. Also, the company will not be growing when new people aren't able to activate or are mad because support is more than 2 days away so they leave. These people are never going to come back. If you have a highly functioning service and website customers would experience these issues and will be happy. A bad company reputation will not be able to be overcome by a 25 dollar credit.


We have been telling PM about these issues for a while. Think of how many private messages would be have been averted if the password reset was working. If this can't be fixed it might be time to face the facts and build a whole new up to date system.

I will agree with you that inadequate support can conspire to damage reputation that no promo cannot repair.  I still cannot agree that cessation of all promos will be useful in fixing the problems afflicting the self serve site and all the processes involved in setting up and managing an account.  The fall promo was a major shake down of the entire system, identifying all problems and weaknesses.  Subsequent to that promo ending, there was no further promos for a long period of time until early summer when they ran a targeted promo for Freedom customers.  That promo was short lived and did not appear to have mass appeal.  That pretty much summed the promos for 2017.  Much of 2017 should have been opportune for fixing all the bugs flushed out by the 2016 fall promo.  While there were small improvements here and there, much of the major problems remained unresolved.  If  we were to hang onto the excuse that there should be no more promos until all the major system bugs are dealt with, this service would cease to exist long before the bugs are gone.  The reality is that competitive pressure don't go on hold just because the Public Mobile systems are in disrepair.  I maintain that competition drives the promos and fear of lost reputation drives customer service improvements.  Both are continuous and concurrent processes. 


Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

@stonechucker, great letter.  I posted something very similar in our Oracle area looking for answers to the issues that are still going on and new ones that have popped up.


On the other hand I personally have had very little issues.  The only one is the no text after expiry of  US addon.  Tonight I just ported the 8th number for lines that I am involved in managing/helping and it went smoothly as expected.( Once I checked availablility availability of the correct phone number)

I am happy to help, but I am not a MOD please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click the  in the bottom right to create a trouble ticket *

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Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus


I'd argue some more clarity as to what each brands goals are is required

It is beyond bizarre to me the way the Public-Koodo migration battles are going right now


It is actually CHEAPER for a client to walk into a Walmart, pay for a SIM activate on Public

Go home then port that number over to Koodo


I mean really; WHY??? Cat Surprised


They are literally fighting each other at this point and tons of rumours being thrown out by store reps about Public closing etc is not good


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

@will13am I'm not quoting because it's getting to long. I will agree to compromise my suggestion of stopping the promos. My modified stance is that PM should continue with the promos but only one at a time. This way they can spread out the amount of new customers coming in over say 6 months instead 2 months. I realize they look at when the most peoples contracts are ending and other factors but it is clear the system cannot handle a major influx in customers 

Public Mobile

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus



Thank you for your honest feedback.


We understand your frustration with the various ongoing issues you’ve discussed, and we are actively working to get permanent fixes. Often, the problem is more complicated than anticipated and takes time to test the solution. As @will13am touched upon, we tend to view the promotions and system fixes as independent, meaning that a greater focus on one does not take away from the focus of the other. In many cases, Public Mobile requires promotions to remain competitive. That said, we are equally dedicated to improving the customer experience here and hope to provide you with good news very soon as we have fixes to the password reset and suspend state plan change in the pipeline.


Based on what we heard from the Community during AutoPay issue earlier this month, we will be communicating any future service-impacting issues as soon as possible to our Community. We hope to provide timely communication for these types of issues moving forward.

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