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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Not get one month free bill promotion

My name is xxxxxxxxx and my phone number is xxxxxxxxxxx.

I ported in my number to Public Mobile on Oct 26, 2019 I was supposed to get secon month free. My phone line is suspended due to non-payment. But the Nov 2019 bill is free. Kindly resolve this issue.





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Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Not get one month free bill promotion

Please remove your phone number to prevent spam calls.


I'm not 100% sure, but I think it could because you had no balance/credit card which suspended it. The 2nd month is free by credit they give you.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Not get one month free bill promotion

Did the payment for the first month go through? Was the credit applied to your account for the free month?  Should have been seen on your account within 10 days of opening.  

Mayor / Maire

Re: Not get one month free bill promotion

How to Get this Offer:

  • 30 Days for $0: When you activate a Public Mobile SIM card online or in-store at a participating retailer on a $25/mo plan or higher from now until October 27 2019, you will get your next 30 days of service for $0!
    • Participating retailers include:
      • Walmart
      • London Drugs
      • The Mobile Shop
      • WOW! mobile boutique
      • Select Koodo Authorized Dealers
    • The credit value that you will receive will be equal to the price of the rate plan on which you activated your SIM card. This credit will cover the rate plan cost only. It will not cover additional costs such as Add-Ons.
    • Eligible customers will be credited the 30-day rate plan amount within 7 business days. These credits will count towards your next plan renewal.
    • For example, if you sign up on our current $35 for 1 GB at 3G speed, Unlimited Canada-wide Talk and Unlimited International Text 30-day plan, your account will be credited $35 within 7 business days of activating.
    • You will not need to top-up your account at your first renewal date, unless you purchase Add-Ons, change or future-date your plan to a more expensive plan during the first 30 days. Note that, if you have registered for AutoPay, you will continue to receive your $2 AutoPay reward every 30 days. All Reward rules, which can be found at, apply.  
Mayor / Maire

Re: Not get one month free bill promotion

@chris20182019...If you met the requirements of the promo...the credit should have been applied to your account within 7 days.

Click the ? in lower right side of page to start process of moderator assistance. Type "Rep", then click "Contact Moderators". They should be able to correct things if you are entitled.

Good luck.