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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

No access to self-serve account and signed under a different plan

Hi there,


I activated my SIM on December 5th, entered in all my details, but I got a failure message on the final page. For that day I couldn't call, text or use data, and from the next day I could make or receive calls and use data. However I still couldn't log into self serve (although I received an email saying my account was created) I setup 90-day auto-pay, yet the email said my next autopay date is January 1, 2017 and my credit card has already been charged. 


I searched on community and created an account again by going to and successfully logged in. However, the plan it is showing is totally different than the one I registered and paid for. I paid for 135$ 90 day 6GB unlimited international texting and canada wide calling. When I received an email from PM after activation, I got the message below.



Here is a summary of your plan and any selected add-ons:


Pick & Pay$135.00
Optional Add-Ons:
Pre-Tax Total:$135.00
Total Amount Owing:$151.20


AutoPay Info:

You've signed up for AutoPay, which means you never have to worry about missing a payment! Your credit or VISA debit card has been registered on your account.

Your next AutoPay payment date is : 1/1/2017




I also set up an auto-pay but the 6 dollar reward is not showing unlike my husband's account where it was shown right after activation. I do not mind using whatever plan is shown on the self-serve for this cycle(Pick and pay 120 for 90 days with 15$ 400 international minutes add on), but I need to know if there is a price difference than I will need to be refunded for the difference and also want to make sure that I have to follow the plan that is shown on self-serve. 


Please respond ASAP.



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