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Re: No Service on iPhone 6

@dayelee wrote:

@geopublic maybe! While I was ordering my new phone, I put in all the information to port it out (account #, phone #, service provider) so that could be the case.. I have not recieved the phone yet though. I am not able to call or use my phone # as of right now, it would say "Call Failed". I think I'll have to wait and see what the moderators say as they have a better idea of what happened to my account. 

@dayelee Because you requested a transfer to Telus your PM account was closed as soon as the transfer finished! That is how the process is supposed to happen. Your Telus SIM should be providing service, though you are likely waiting for it to arrive too.

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Re: No Service on iPhone 6

@Luddite that seems to be the case according to what the Moderators told me! I’m glad I didn’t lose my phone # (phew) I’m just waiting on the new phone now! There might be a delay because of Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Thank you all for your insight! 🙂