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Mayor / Maire

Re: Love my new service

Yes, when CC is registered and Auto-Pay enabled, YOU BEGIN receiving your $2 reward, as long as CC is there and Auto-Pay not removed

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Re: Love my new service

@NDesai  I maybe wrong as I am not on a 90-day plan yet.. but if you selected the autopay option of charging credit card the amount remaining after applying available funds (rewards), then in your specific scenario, there should be $12 reward balance in your account at the time of charging your credit card for the second bill.  I saw in my payment history that the Autopay reward was applied before charging my credit card this month. This was not the case for the first month for obvious reasons.    


Would like to hear from anyone else who can confirm this or share their experience.  Otherwise, I will figure it out for sure on next bill date of September 26 when I am all set to switch to a 90-day plan.



Mayor / Maire

Re: Love my new service

I am on a 90 Day Term, Newly activated back in Aug, Still have my GF Pioneer $60 Plan, But chose the New Public Order, and since then, loving it, very content. Won't know until Nov on Auto-Pay thing. Shall Report when There

Retraité / Retired

Re: Love my new service

Hello All,


Just for clarification, you can opt for AutoPay at the time of activation and after the successful activation, you will get AutoPay credit that can be used for future payments or Add-ons.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Love my new service

My activation went very smooth, love PM


Re: Love my new service


On behalf of the PM community team, thank you! Its members will be pleased to read your post.

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