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Library of User Guides


In order to help users conduct successful research, if motivated, and ideally reduce the number of repetitive questions in the community, I suggest establishing a library of user guides.

Most phones have either company- or user-produced PDF user guides that could only benefit customers, if used.

What I envision is a sticky post, whereby customers are encouraged to forward their user guides to a special PM address. As each user guide is received, the publication or last revision date would be checked to see if the information contained within is outdated or current.

In due course, those who are internally motivated would read the relevant user guide before deciding if asking a question in the community is necessary. Of course, there will be those, unmotivated to do any research, who will ask their question without checking the user guide.

Ideally, I would like to see a self-educated community, but, since giving feedback seems to be too much of an effort, I'm unfortunately pessimistic about the success of the above.

Retraité / Retired

Re: Library of User Guides

@Martin I think that's a great idea - do you want to add it to the Public Lab where it can garner comments, feedback, suggestions and Bravos?


@Jeremy_M is working on some new things for the Public Lab, so this might be something to consider.


Re: Library of User Guides

Hi Mat,

Thank you for your positive response to my post.

I'll be happy to add it to the Lab some time today.

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