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Re: Fraudulent Porting of Numbers

@WinMan Some marginal comfort:

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Re: Fraudulent Porting of Numbers

@Luddite wrote:

@WinMan Some marginal comfort:

That is very good. Thanks for sharing @Luddite 

I was also wandering, maybe it's good idea to have email on file different then bank email. Then they would really have hard time guessing your email. If they have access to your phone would they be able to change the email without calling in and talking to a rep? Anybody has any ideas?

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Re: Fraudulent Porting of Numbers

This was a very thorough reply and much appreciated.

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Re: Fraudulent Porting of Numbers

@WinMan wrote:

I've recently heard a lot about people having their phone numbers stolen and ported to other phone companies thereby giving access to their personal financial data to the thieves.

1) How does one prevent this from happening?

2) How does this allow the thief to access one's personal finances?

3) How does a person know when they've been hit?

4) Who does one contact if they think their number has been stolen?

Just to answer #2 . . .


The bad guys go through trash cans and dumpsters to harvest bank statements  and credit card statements and also peruse facebook to gleen personal information about their marks (some people put a crazy amount of info for the world to see on facebook).


After they have a stack of your information, then they try to port your number and use it to change passwords etc after they've hacked into your bank accounts.


So if you still receive stuff by mail, be careful how you get rid of it and delete facebook or make it private.