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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Cancel an account?

I would delete your post ASAP. Not a good idea to give acount info for everyone to see. 


Re: Cancel an account?

@Leolude wrote:

Hi there, I am requesting cancellation of my Public Mobile and my authorize payment account as well. My account number is 1000000xxxxxxxx and the phone number is 905xxxxxxx. Sorry I lost my SIM card So I can not use my phone.

thank you!

@Leolude, even if you lost the SIM card, the account is still usable.  You simply need to get a new SIM card and update it into the account records.  This can be done using the self serve portal.  If you truly do want to cancel the account, simply remove the credit card on file and let the account disappear 90 days after going into suspension.  This is a prepaid service, this is the process for cancelling accounts which is very different for post paid.  I have redacted your personal information. 

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