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Re: Can't reset password or log in


You did not do your due diligence before activate you PM plan.  If you did, you should know that PM does not have call center and do not have online chat support.  PM support is provided by moderators on this community forum.  Moderators are PM employers.  Members on this community cannot help you on issue requires account access.


In order to use the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page, you need to know the answer to your security question supplied during your account activation.


If you forgot the answer to your security question, create a moderator support ticket for help using the Chat button at the bottom right corner of this page.  Tell SIMon what is the issue (important) - Use "forget password and answer to security question"


Since you forgot your password, you cannot use the login to verify that you are the owner of your account.  You can use the PIN#.


Don't know your PIN#--provide any 3 of the following:
- Complete mailing address,
- Email address,
- Alternate phone number,
- Date of birth,
- Last top up date & amount
- voicemail issue







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Re: Can't reset password or log in

Yo @kaylal 


It's always a good idea to do one's homework before choosing a cell provider.


You know the people on this forum are here trying to HELP you, right? There's no need to become irate with them.


I'd say go with the credit card chargeback and let us know in 30+ days how that's going for you.

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Re: Can't reset password or log in

@kaylal  I can identify with your frustration. The suggestion to wait an hour and clear your browser before trying again has worked for some people. I’ve had good luck sending a private message to a moderator, you’ll get an email when they reply and you can check back here on your private messages to read it. The moderator will sort out the plan you want and refund any overcharges, along with resetting your password.

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