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Mayor / Maire

Bravo Button *

Hello all,


There have been some suggestions to get rid of the bravo button altogether. If this is the direction you would like to go in it can be easily remedied. 


Go into your profile, then click on preferences, then on Bravos. You can choose to hide kudos which is the bravo button. 


Just information for any member to know. Personally, I like to hit the Bravo button for those that contribute. Some I notice don't use it much or ever which is fine to each their own. Have an awesome day and thank you everyone for your continued input. Cheers.





Re: Bravo Button *

Yes that feature has been around the whole time.  What it does is it prevents you from giving Bravos not receiving them.  I guess for people who can't control their bravo handouts lol this would work but if they like to give bravos they won't turn the feature off.

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Mayor / Maire

Re: Bravo Button *

haha, true Shawn! But at leastvin their world it would be like Bravos no longer exist lol 🤣

Re: Bravo Button *

@Naepalm wrote:
haha, true Shawn! But at least in their world it would be like Bravos no longer exist lol 🤣

Well. PM will change their community reward secret formula to track people who does not give bravos. lol

Sorry, off-topic.  I cannot help myself.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Bravo Button *

I personally would want to keep the Bravo button. I do tend to use the number of bravos a post gets to see what people feel is a good solution or valuable information.

I probably don't give as many bravos as some but I will when I find a post particularly useful or interesting.

Re: Bravo Button *

Another idea would be hide the number of bravos that a post has already been given while still allowing them. It's not supposed to be a popularity contest and whether someone else thought a post is good shouldn't be a factor.

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