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Accessing data

I have a 3GB Promo in my plan but I only seem to be able to use 1GB each month??

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Re: Accessing data

@Bowyerdavidbz wrote:

I have a 3GB Promo in my plan but I only seem to be able to use 1GB each month??


Do you see the 3GB listed in your Overview in your Self Serve account?


If so, maybe you have a data limiter set on your actual phone device. Check your settings for a data limit.

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Re: Accessing data

Your plan data would be used first then once it has been depleted the promo data would be used 

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Re: Accessing data

Managing Your Data Usage

To help you manage your data usage effectively, we’ll be covering:

  1. How to track your data usage
  2. Tips and tricks to save data

Tracking Data Usage 1. Self-Serve

You can view your usage in your Self-Serve account by clicking on the Plan and Add-Ons tab, then on Data & Add-On Usage. Here, you will find a summary of your data usage for the current billing cycle. Alternatively, if you’re interested in seeing your your last 90 days worth of usage, you can select Usage History which is also under the Plans and Add-Ons tab.Don’t have a Self-Serve account yet? No worries, you can register here.


2. Data Usage Notifications

We send you a text message when you've used 75% and 95% of the data included in your plan. If you try to use something that requires data when you’ve reached your data limit, you will be directed to Self-Serve. Once signed into Self-Serve, you can review your usage and, if you’d like to continue to have access to data, you can purchase a data Add-On here too.

Tips And Tricks To Save Data 1. Autoplay

Many of the most commonly used applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube offer a feature called Autoplay. While using this app, the Autoplay feature will preload and play videos automatically in your “news” feed automatically as you progress through it.If you’re finding that you’re going through your data really quickly or know that you’ve almost used your entire allotted amount, setting your Autoplay to work using Wi-Fi only or disabling it may be a good option for you.


2. GPS Navigation

GPS navigation is another feature that, in fact, does require mobile data. As a substitute, you could use Google Maps, which is a free navigation application that offers the ability to navigate offline. You can also purchase other navigation applications that will allow you to navigate without using data and quickly change spending into an investment.


3. Other Applications

Other applications like video games, weather, music streaming can consume a lot of data. The good news is that most smartphones will give you the ability to restrict background data for each application that you use on a daily basis.

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Re: Accessing data


Can you help us understand what 3GB promo you have exactly?


Most promos are one-time only, so once you use your plan bucket of data, it will spill over to this promo 3GB promo.  Once you use up that 3GB promo, it disappears.  There are a couple recurring promos so it's hard to know without knowing exactly which one you have.


Double check to see if you're monitoring any data usage on your device itself.  @esjliv makes a good point that sometimes your own device (and not Public Mobile) could be limiting your data.

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