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Re: phone option

@ShawnC13 wrote:

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@ShawnC13, I was presented with the January security patch in the morning today.  It was all of 52 MB and so I tried downloading it on mobile data.  I was blocked from doing it.  The phone would churn forever downloading but nothing was happening.  It would pause itself for a bit and take a run at it again.  The phone was doing that all day.  Once at home on WiFi, the download started in earnest.  It was only a security update and so nothing exciting to talk about. 

Yes got it as well @will13am just waited until I got home and very fast as like you say just a small update

I don't understand why I was asked if I wanted to download the update on mobile data but then it won't work even though I agreed to do it.  Is there a liability concern?  I have a renewal coming up and enough usage to spare.  52 megs is nothing.  In recent days I consumed over one gig of data on a single app.  I keep getting warnings that the app is a data hog.  I must have acknowledge that warning half dozen times just today. 


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Re: phone option

Comparing the Moto to Samsung A5 (2017), the Samsung has a strong edge in the battery performance — 95 hours vs 64 hours — while both cost about the same. I'll hasten to add though that I may be biased because I own a Samsung and more than happy with it. Smiley Happy


The comparison can be viewed here.