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Retired Oracles

Mayor / Maire

I noticed after being absent for a couple of days that retired oracles have been given just that the title of retired oracle. A long overdue recognition of their significant contributions to the community and a way for new members to give them the respect they deserve. Although not all former oracles have been given this choice? I appreciate public mobile making this change to properly recognize all the hard work they have put in the past, present and undoubtedly the future.Screenshot_20200519-230012.png


@Rockdaddy22 wrote:

I’ve heard of people being forced to retire early, would those people not officially be retired. 

@Rockdaddy22   Sounds reasonable to me, but perhaps you would need to private message Tiana_V as to why you never got the official might just be an oversight as you know things don't always go as planned around here.  Good luck and maybe we'll see the new title next to your name soon? 😊

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@darlicious  Exactly - some of us still rock it "old school", and wear a watch, and virtually NEVER check time on the phone. 😁


This is for you from everyone who believes you deserve it. U Rockdaddy22!Screenshot_20200522-123656.png

@darlicious wrote:


This is for you from everyone who believes you deserve it. U Rockdaddy22!

Maybe he's into geology... 🙂

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Or maybe something else 🙂


I appreciate everything everyone has done.  I received a private message yesterday inviting me to the Retired Oracle program. It was a heartwarming apologetic message that really meant a lot to me, thanks everybody. 



I'm happy to hear it was just a pm oversight. Par for the course. The recognition is richly deserved. We'll pop the champagne on Monday with  @imm1344  (another one I can't tag?!!) Is there a ribbon cutting ceremony? Speeches? Cake.......? I can bring a pie......your choice?


p.s. @computergeek541  the pie pic is a metaphor....20200410_214924-COLLAGE.jpg

Somehow all ends with Pies 😁

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@darlicious  that is because it is @imm1304  not 1344


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@ShawnC13  Whoops....i did something to my keyboard in the last 10 days or so and it autocorrect the weirdest stuff. I've had to correct entire sentences....and it's not even correcting typing or spelling mistakes! It just randomly decides it prefers a word that in no way relates to the original. But I do have that issue with @LurganleUk  and @GR  can't tag either one of them if they are not in the thread thus in the tag pop up window.


  @imm1304  Sorry about that.....

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Hey @darlicious , thank you, I love them all!  😄