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Re: QSBjb3VwbGUgcXVlc3Rpb25zCg==

@darlicious wrote:

If anything is turning into Facebook its the main forum with all the bull plop posts and ridiculous bravoing!

I wonder when and how it all started as it was never an ongoing issue for 4+ years I've been here 🤔

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Re: QSBjb3VwbGUgcXVlc3Rpb25zCg==

@z10user4 wrote:

I guess this was ridiculously obscure or nobody really cared anyway.
I read here of people's hobbies and about people playing around with microprocessors or software developers and such that I really thought this would be a piece of cake for some. Some were in the ball park but didn't explore the idea.


So I simply converted some text into hexadecimal with some useless questions.



That's it.

Well, while I'm not particularly well versed in it, I kinda figured it was something like that, but instead of doing some in-depth investigation, to find out what you were saying, I just figured I'd wait 'til you couldn't take it anymore, and cracked, to reveal the big secret! 😉 🤣

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