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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: NDP unveils plan to lower cellphone and internet costs intends

I haven't heard concrete plans from NDP on lower cellphone/Internet plan costs so far so keep expecting to pay a premium if you want a phone+plan bundle with a decent phone. Somebody's gotta pay for the phone and its not the network.

Mayor / Maire

Re: NDP unveils plan to lower cellphone and internet costs intends

Promises by politicians who've already repeatedly demonstrated their lack of transparency and utter unaccountability.


And in the real world, government controls usually evolve into long-term regulation, politics, unions, unproductive committees and studies, rules made by uninformed bureaucrats, rules enforced by unmotivated apparatchniks, etc. 

At least today the Big Three (and Little Sibling) have to lobby hard with all levels of government (and hide behind anti-consumer lobby groups like the CWTA) to maintain their privileged and protected oligopoly. Imagine how much easier it would be for them to "legally" force price hikes once they become anuntouchable and centralized government institution. $29 or $39 regulatory caps could (and would ) easily climb towards $129 or $239 regulatory caps with government sanctions and corporate impunity. When's the last time anyone ever saw Canada's government open taxation to competitors or abolish a source of income?