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Just sharing the News,CRTC rejects Telus application to charge credit card fee on some customer bill

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

"Ruling only impacts some home phone lines in B.C. and Alberta, so 1.5% can be in place for everything else"

Is it making sense to you?

CRTC rejects Telus application to charge credit card fee on some customer bills | CBC News



Mayor / Maire


I thought I tagged you in a post where I mentioned the loyalty program had changed 🤔 But I do have a mention in my "how to pay by vouchers" post. Their loyalty program is now based on your total spend and is much less lucrative. But I think you have your math wrong anyways....


Old LD Extras

  • For every 10 "visits" earn a $5 "coupon". Minimum "visit" spend $10×10"visits"=$100/$5 coupon earn=5% return in savings. $5 bday coupon+$5 earned coupon=$10 to redeem on $10 pm voucher. You pay the tax=5%gst+any provincial taxes in bc, sk+mb and earn 1 "visit" towards your next $5 coupon.

New LD Extras

  • Based on the amount you spend vs the minimum spend amount to earn a "visit". I will double-check the points earned but I believe it's earned/redeemed at a 1% savings rate. $500 spend=$5=1% return.*

I have a perfect example of the different earning rate by my recent cyber Monday spend but I have to check my account to be sure of what I earned. (*will update shortly)

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

😂😂。。。。。ok, I hear you🤣


It is about time for CRTC to reject this extra charge using cc for payment.

I have a backup plan to sign up London Drugs' LDExtra loyalty reward program.

After 10 purchases of $10 or more, member will get $10 credit.

Purchase $10 PM voucher each for 10 times and Use the $10 credit to purchase another PM $10 voucher.

No bad to get $110 pm vouchers for $100.

Thanks @darlicious for letting me know about this deal.

But I have not try it yet.  I am going to try on this deal with the high inflation nowadays.

Ooops.. I am waiting too long.  London Drugs changed their loyalty program. Almost the good loyalty program changed their program. 

Darlicious, please update.  Thanks


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

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CRTC refuses Telus request to add credit card processing fee to certain bills


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

8 hours ago - last edited 5 hours ago

Mayor / Maire

interesting.... thanks @Becool 


my experience in larger, regulated companies is when a regulator rejects something, the company finds another way to screw it's customers over.... sad, but true