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Is Public mobile going down hill?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I cannot help but feel more and more that Public Mobile is just making so many bad decisions that is affecting my satisfaction with the service. It all started with the proposed and even marketed (but thank fully short lived) plan where it went from Canada wide calling to PROVINCIAL wide calling.


Then the constant incentives for new customers but long time customers only get Christmas gifts (not really complaining it's just an observation and still better then everyone else) To now this god forsaken points system that really sucks, and imo makes it so the BIGGEST selling point of Public mobile is NO MORE. And the 30% price hike on the $10 plan.


Does Public Mobile / Telus even care anymore or arethey just going the way of BELL. Which I  hate. With a passion. For many wrongs and crap customer support, and greedy. I really want to see what is going on inside Public mobile and how ANYONE could think these are good decisions. They are directly anti-consumer. They only help to boost profits (which they are a company after all) but the quality of service has decrease substantially.


Oh and little fun fact, Telus / Bell network coverage map says it covers highway 11 to cochrane Ontario. IT DOES NOT. There is many DEAD spots where the coverage map says full service is available. IMO Public mobile is going down hill fast and probably lose me as a customer if this anti-consumer rampage continues




Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Totally agreed. Also unfortunately because of the CRTC you have realistically no chance of getting regulatory approval for an MNVO. The CRTC is so corrupt

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

You're not alone. It's so bad now that I've started looking into starting my own MVNO. Telus is purposefully destroying the Public Mobile brand. You used to be able to get 4g LTE data speeds if you got the basic plan and bought a data add-on, you can't even do that anymore. 


I get two significant discounts, the referral discount and discount for having a plan for several years, so the $15/month plan only costs me $9.00. The discounts are the only reason I'm still here; otherwise, I'm completely dissatisfied with Public Mobile.

Mayor / Maire

@DDM69    Only once, the first time PM started the tradition of giving customers data/mins gift in the summer of 2019 when customers were gifted 1GB data and then in December of that year also received some more data/mins, IIRC, were freebies given twice.    After that it's been once annually, but still a good deal for customers.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

I agree the points system is not good and it does seem that they keep trying to change things...and not for the better. My many referrals will keep me from going anywhere soon.😉   

On a side note...are the freebies (long distance and data) usually given away twice a year or just Christmas time?


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I seen a few other low cost carriers include non expiring add ons. Including FIZZ. Which tbh if I ever get switched to the points program on public mobile. Its worse then Fizz rewards program. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I agree, the 2 GB data promos used to be permanent or 12 months, but now are consistently 6 month promos. Alongside the rewards program devaluation, and the $13 plan increase from $10. (Not affected, though I can understand the "outrage".) Luckily, I am grandfathered into the old rewards system, if PM ever modifies, or takes away the program, I will just switch to another carrier.  if I wasn't a PM customer now, I would've stuck with my previous provider, Lucky.

Mayor / Maire

@brettster99 - I haven't been around for as long as either of you, but there usually seems to have been some 'pain points' with regards to services, access to help, online account, community, etc.


It is not unlike other companies that have goals to reach, or perhaps a project team are given a direction to go in, and they go, without much looking at what is being overlooked or who/what is impacted.


Having said that gobbly-gop, things can and likely will change, hopefully for the better with regards to services and coverages. 


I do suspect the 5G upgrades, and change of the 3G (in usa) and all that stuff in between takes some juggling that corporate decision makers try to keep efficient (spend less time, less money...yet still very time consuming and expensive). Does that benefit the company or the customers, lets up for both to keep things comparable on the market and customers happy.


Or, they'll just flip us all to Koodo and grandfather our plans! 😎

Mayor / Maire

@brettster99    Agree that PM has started to be a less attractive option among the budget carriers for new activations especially.  


It's still quite good (mostly) compared to others, especially for anyone on the grandfathered rewards system, but who knows how long that will last?   I also think having the non-expiring non-roaming add-ons available is one of PM's strong points plus the old rewards.


Generally, though it does seem that PM management/Telus is less interested in trying to keep it relevant.  Oh well..