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Humour and other misc. stuff - TAKE TWO

Mayor / Maire
Quote from the now closed Topic - Humour and other misc. stuff:

“The topic will be closed as well due to the fact that bravos, that are used for our internal bonuses to our customers, are being earned for jokes that are not related to giving cellphone/service help.“

End Quote


So, is there something WE don't know about Bravos in the Lounge OR is there something that some moderators don't know about Bravos given on posts in the Lounge? IE: This contradicts everything we have been told about Bravos in the lounge (where this Topic and the predecessor to it were right from the beginning). 


At least here in Canada, anti Trump posts seem to be 100% okay, Right On and Good to Go! (Unlike in US based discussions)!




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Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@darlicious  Well, I wasn't comparing the phone to the luggage, but I was comparing the b.f. to the gorilla. Obviously, given its' shortened life span, the phone clearly isn't as good as the luggage.... after all, the luggage never required the ability to acquire spare parts to be repaired, and I bet the gorilla could easily turn that phone, or any other, into nothing more than a small pile of broken bits of electronics! 😁


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Don't THINK I posted this one before:


Cop Roxanne.JPG