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Humour and other misc. stuff - TAKE TWO

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Quote from the now closed Topic - Humour and other misc. stuff:

“The topic will be closed as well due to the fact that bravos, that are used for our internal bonuses to our customers, are being earned for jokes that are not related to giving cellphone/service help.“

End Quote


So, is there something WE don't know about Bravos in the Lounge OR is there something that some moderators don't know about Bravos given on posts in the Lounge? IE: This contradicts everything we have been told about Bravos in the lounge (where this Topic and the predecessor to it were right from the beginning). 


At least here in Canada, anti Trump posts seem to be 100% okay, Right On and Good to Go! (Unlike in US based discussions)!




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@z10user4 wrote:

 @AE_Collector : wth It's blocking out the scenery! 🙂

And "breakin' your mind"! 😉 😁

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire


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@BearFBI What lol. hahaha

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Kinda liked this one:


Delete Cookies.jpg



I was at the liquor store, waiting in line.


Guy at the cashier says "I got a big bottle of wine for my old lady".


Guy behind him says "That's an awesome trade!"

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@Korth  Uh-oh, I foresee your joke post disappearing, and "TAKE TWO" of this thread being locked, after an overzealous CSA sees it as an affront to the sanctity of marriage. 🙄

Oh well…

Humour and other misc. stuff - TAKE THREE….


Or we can be more like Microsoft:

Humour and other misc. stuff - 2021….

@z10user4 wrote:

As some of you probably already did...this is the announcement from Alan_K.


Edit: update: the moderators post is gone. the thread is still locked though

@z10user4  Zounds batman, the Lounge is nearly 3 years old! Time flies when you're having fun, eh?



>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@darlicious  I believe I've found your next phone to purchase, on the B.F.'s behalf 🤣:




BF New Phone.jpg

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