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He has done it!! 1000 Solutions


Congrats to @computergeek541  on this milestone and first to break the 1K mark for solutions.


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One of if not the most consistent and dedicated people in the community putting in countless hours helping people.


Please congratulate him as this is a big accomplishment and needs to be recognized!!


Congrats again!


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Absolutely! I can honestly say I doubt I would spend a tenth of the time that I do here once I gain my freedom takes true dedication ti be so consistent for that many years. Members come and go and comeback again but they aren't here all the time......for such a long time.


@computergeek541 , congrats on the milestone.  

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@computergeek541 knows I am a fan.


If you want an example of honesty and integrity in this Community, that's computergeek


A great mentor to many.



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@z10user4 wrote:

 @darlicious : will13am is ahead of me for bravos and solutions. srlawren is up there too.

@z10user4 you're actually ahead of me in both categories: bravos received (25k to my 16k) and solutions (871 to my 360).  You must have surpassed me quite some time ago!


EDIT: I also had a 3 year head-start over you, and likely lost more numbers to the archiving. But I bet even still you'd be ahead even if they hadn't archvied.

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Congrats @computergeek541 for being first to an impressive milestone!

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

@computergeek541 A big congrats on being the first to reach 1000 solutions on the Community! 🎉

On behalf of Public Mobile, thank you so much for all your efforts in reaching this amazing milestone! Your knowledge, passion, and dedication to helping others truly makes the Community what it is today! 😊


Welcome to the lounge! It's nice to see you wander in here too.....Can I get you a glass of champagne to go with your toast?

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We Salute You!


Pure awesomeness!!