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Gahh... It's finnaly happening, Windows 11......

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

We've all been waiting for the codename "Sun Valley" update to come to Windows. It's supposed to bring a brand new UI, better visuals, performance enhancements, and more. Well, the update may not make its way to windows 10 but instead a whole new operating system named Windows 11. 


After all these years, We may finally be getting Windows 11, the operating system that was confirmed to never exist...


There have been many leaks and hints from Microsoft lately about it on Twitter. Even a few internal leaks and screenshots of the build... 


The Verge explains all the hints in this article.


The event is supposed to take place at the end of this month.. We'll see what It brings. 


So, What are your guy's thoughts on "The next generation of Windows" ?


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@Korth wrote:



For most people the under-the-hood differences between operating systems don't matter. They're concerned with compatibility: the software they want to run on the operating system either works or it doesn't. They're concerned with performance: the software they want to run on the operating system either runs faster or it doesn't. Linux tends to win on every count except for AAA game titles which absolutely require (Microsoft) DirectX.


Yeah, I'm well aware of that, and if not for that last part, I'd probably have switched to Linux long ago.


Everyone who uses computers long enough will eventually try a linux. Most end up preferring it, only going back to Windows when necessary to use somebody else's machinery.


Methinks you're generalizing A LOT with that statement..... that MAYBE applies to many people that are computer savvy and brave enough to try it, but that DOESN'T apply to ANY of the people I know, that ARE long time computer users, i.e. although they've been using computers for YEARS, most of them I would still consider to be.... shall we say, NOT computer savvy(wanted to say "computer illiterate", but that wouldn't be quite accurate). Even my nephew, who is quite computer savvy, I don't THINK he's ever tried Linux, simply because he's definitely a gamer, and has zero interest in Linux.


@CFPartDeux wrote:

Methinks you're generalizing A LOT with that statement..... 

Fair enough.


But even my dinosaur parents like the Mint I slipped onto their machines. The GUI is all very familiar to the Win7 they've already learned.


I guess most people will get Windows "free" with their machines and keep Windows running on their machines. Just like most people never change the Android or iOS that came on their smartphone.