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Mayor / Maire

Re: Freedom and Lucky mobile 3 GB - 35$ Promo

@sidinikim01 That's sound interesting. However, to my mind, in the long run PM still wins due to its reward system and periodic give aways.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Freedom and Lucky mobile 3 GB - 35$ Promo

Have you tried doing some work to get deeper discounts through rewards? I have found the best one to be referrals! It just takes a little effort. Also, keep engaging in this community forum.

I posted this in another thread: What Public Mobile has that others don't is the potential to get deep discounts through the rewards program! I am shocked at how much I am saving right now because of it. The only thing is unless they offer a good deal to compete with these other budget mobile companies, they will not draw new users. I had no idea how cheap my plan could actually get when I first signed up. I signed up because it was cheap enough (though Freedom was cheaper) and because it is on the Telus network. I wanted a combo of reliable and cheap, so PM was a good balance. With the rewards discounts though, the balance is now all on the side of PM!

Mayor / Maire

Re: Freedom and Lucky mobile 3 GB - 35$ Promo

I know people who keep bouncing from provider to provider, always on the lookout for a better deal, always attempting to score that better deal.


They keep buying SIM cards, stressing over number ports, spending time with wireless retailers, waiting in line, waiting on hold, paying for unused chunks on their monthly bills, leaking nickels and dimes for activation charges and other little fees. While I've stuck with Public for years, mostly worry-free and hassle-free, I never have to wait in line to deal with commission salespushers, and instead of constantly shelling out a few more bucks I get rewarded a few bucks each month for my ongoing loyalty.


You're gonna subscribe to a phone number for many years anyways ... so why trade some years of reliable service and steady loyalty rewards for a few extra GB you don't really want to buy?

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