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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Finally a properly priced MNO

I am so happy to have finally found Public Mobile. It is about time Canada is offered a service that is priced fairly for those who have their own equipment and wish not to be stuck into a high priced contract. 

I myself have been with a couple different wireless carriers in the past and all still over priced while offering low data addons. It was a huge surprise when I came to find PM on a facebook post. Instantly I thought it was a scam because the plan I was interested in was a third the price I was paying for with Rogers. After checking into what people were saying about PM I ended my contract with Rogers and ported over my number. I calculated it would cost me less to pay Rogers what was left on my contract than it was to finish the contract, by nearly 500 bucks! 

So far I am more than impressed with PM and have recruited one friend so far and plan to tell everyone I know how best to save their cash and still have A1 service nationwide.

So happy to have made the switch!