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ESIM for Europe

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hello. Yes i understand PM does not support ESIMS, and has no European add -ons. 


Looks like (for an upcoming Halloween trip) you can get an E-sim through orange, or Go Card. My questions are: has anyone used this service? Was it any good? function just like putting in a local physical card? any tricks or tips?  personal preferences between just getting a vodaphone (that allows roaming) card at the airport or getting an eSIM. 




@sa7375- You wouldn't rate it 73/75? 🙂

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@kkawa  Yes, I have used an eSIM for use in Europe. Indeed, PM does not offer an eSIM, nor a service in Europe.


Fortunately, my phone supported an eSIM -- in addition to a physical SIM -- so I searched and researched, finally settling on a plan from a company called YESIM in Switzerland. And It worked all across Europe, and even better that its 'Pay As You Go' covers over 130 countries.

But there is a caveat: YESIM only offers DATA services, hence one has to use a VoIP soft-phone to use it for voice calls. I used it with a VoIP soft-phone and was able to work my way with no issues. As for its DATA service and customer support, I'll rate it 5/5. 

Hope that helps.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Not sure if this is allowed (mentioning another carrier...) 

If your phone supports esim, or takes two sim cards when look at flexiroam. Can buy global, regional, or local plans. Great rates (except for Canada!) If you are traveling with someone you can share data between the plans. I've only used their data plan, I think they have some plans with voice/text, but its only used data. If you want a referral code which will give you 100MB to try it, PM me.  

Mayor / Maire


I was talking to a local carrier about the new iPhone 14 and eSIM.

He said a few of his customer who switched to eSIM and came back and switched it back to a physical SIM because the reception wasn’t as good as a SIM.


I don’t know how true this is.

Mayor / Maire


not sure about E-SIM, but for local prepaid,    I had good experience with Three.  Great network, no issue at all when I was there.  With Three, I would expect it has eSIM support


Also tried Labara (physical sim)  , it is good and cheaper too  Again, not sure if they support eSIM


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


no Europe add-ons only for US,

buy it prepaid sim card for Europe from amazon ca,