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Do any here Hold crypto?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Some of the best faucets, exchanges, and App's geared directly at earning and growing crypto holdings.

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@darlicious wrote:

Aha....I see. There are no peak hours here just a high and low rate under 710kwh is $0.0941 and over is $0.1410.

The best place in the world to set up shop for crypto farming would be Iceland.


Cold climate = free cooling for hot overclocked overburdened machine clusters.

Geothermal = dirt cheap (almost free) electrical bills.

Semi-isolated geography = low security overhead.

Semi-independent member of the EU and EFTA = legal advantages and taxation leverage.

"Poor" economy = open to hosting foreign investors/businesses.

"Stable" government = no major threats, no major enemies (aside from generic villains who oppose NATO), no major risks from foreign influences.

And very significantly ... Iceland happens to be sitting on top of about half the main trans-Atlantic communication and data trunks. A lot of internet flows across that island, faster and cheaper than most other places in the world, it's the perfect place to set up "realtime" blockchain mirrors and crypto markets.


Although, technically, Iceland and Canada have had an unresolved conflict for almost 100 years now - the infamous "Whiskey War". And doing business with the enemy is a smudge on patriotic honour, if that matters.


Also whiskey and any other tipple is very expensive there....

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


Yes Iceland is a great place, i have no idea what their summer temps are off of the top of my head but I have seen most of the reasons you have listed on other crypto forums. 


So where I have setup my rig which consists of 6 cards it is in my basement in a room we barely use. the average temperature of our basement this time of the year without the rig running was 21-22 degrees. Now in that room the highest ive seen was 29 but it hangs around 27-28. The rest of the basement is between 25-26. 


I wonder how much I can save on heating during the winter months. time will tell

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@darlicious I actually made a mistake, the first 40kwh we are charged 0.061$ per kwh then it goes up to 0.08. I had just checked my bill lol. 


so for for the past two months I had spent 128$ on my electric bill, that is for a family of five, electric car, mining rig running 24/7, and the ac blasting during our ongoing heatwave lol. 


Lol....for the first time in my life we actually had air conditioning only because the crappy roommate I had left it and all his crap when he did a runner on the rent it was practically worth it's weight in gold when we were +40 there for awhile.....


I'm on an equal payment plan but daily average cost of electricity for this big old 5 bedroom house during June $2.09/$67.70 and July $2.04/$70.75 compared to March $1.61/$52.77 just goes to show how much it costs to run a portable air conditioner and a couple of fans!

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

yeah we see the increase in energy usage too during the summer and especially during the winter months. 


My favorites months have to be March to May and then september to end of October as I like to have the windows open, love the fresh air. 

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