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Carbon Tax and GST or other taxes

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Well it was a very cold December/ January here in Alberta. I got my Natural gas bill today and it was high.

First I will point out I have a high efficency furnace of 96.8 %.

There will be alot of others famillies out there with heating bills from $400.00 to $900.00 or more in  Natural Gas or Propane bills.

Even though my Natural gas was actually only $69.00 but all the admin fees , distribution fees, rate riders, Municipal Franchise fees and Carbon tax took it over $250.00

I am not against the carbon tax and thats not what I am saying here.

My carbon tax was $41.49 on my bill, I also have just figued out I am paying GST on the Carbon tax. 

I am from Alberta and there is no sales tax here.

Are people from BC also paying PST on the Carbon Tax too?

Next year I will being paying more for Carbon Tax than actual $ amount of Natural Gas I actually used. 

So what is the Carbon Tax a Goods or a Service. I really don't think it should be taxed with GST.


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

There really needs to be a government ministry dedicated solely to finding ways to first - phase out income taxes and property taxes.


Then explore ways to cut down government spending somehow.


First step would be to identify spending to be cut, and also identify ineffective laws to be repealed.


The phasing out part would obviously start with using other taxes to replace to revenue from income taxes and property taxes - increasing consumption taxes is the obvious temporary solution, then as the culture of reducing taxes has started, later on even consumption taxes can be reduced in correlation to reduced government spending.


Anyways, the culture of government spending has to be addressed and reversed somehow - even if only by dreaming of it.