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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: 1500 Club

@will13am wrote:


Back in the day, there were far less of the multi page threads.  There were much threads and far less high achievers in the community forum.  A new thread could go half hour before a first responder arrives on the scene.


Well, how much of that is attributable to a lot more people on PM, and potentially a lot more people hangin' out here? I have no idea what those numbers might be, but it only makes sense that the numbers have gone up.


  Now, it seems like the first response arrives before the incident.


LOL, while just a slight exxageration, I know what you mean - there I am, looking over the new topics, see something that nobody has responded to, so I figure it's something I can answer, so I start typing away, and maybe lookin' for an appropriate link I've saved, for just such an occasion, and by the time I hit "Post", there's already 3 or 4 posts, all saying a similar version of what I've just said. That is precisely why I now open another tab on the same thread, and before I hit that post button, I refresh the thread to see if someone else has already posted the same info, and if so, I either alter mine to add some info that may have been missed, or I delete the whole thing and carry on elsewhere.


  Crucially, it is almost seems obligatory to push a thread to page 3.  If I were the OP, I would be overwhelmed by excessive responses. 


Yup, there's some threads that I read, and have participated in, that I wonder if the OP is sitting there stunned by the massive amount of text, with various suggestions, that he or she now has to sift through. OTOH, there are times that the discussion in those threads manages to sift itself, i.e. some errors in the advice are found by someone else, or the questions manage to get the OP to divulge more helpful info about their various service issues.


With respect to repeats, sometimes they are through no fault of the responders.  Many may be putting together a response at the same time.  Some might be doing it on a keyboard typing 80 wpm while others might tapping away on their portable device with one digit.  So when mulitple responses appear within a small time window, they could be considered as "one response".  It is the spurious ones that appear the next day that boggles the mind. 


I hear ya - I've seen numerous replies, MUCH later, that add nothing, so I'm left wondering why it was even added.


On issuing bravos, the ratio of bravo to posts is much, much higher today.  Some members seem to have a feeling of obligation to acknowledge each and every post.


Yeah, kinda what I said in my 12 cent post.