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$10 plan


Know someone who needs minimal data and would like PM's old $10 plan? Then consider this:


Their $20 data plan is decent subsitute for PM's $25. Of course neither help your wallet if your're on Rewards and not Points.

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Of course I am only going by @Luddite 's feedback as far as improved services with a paid subscription and/or physical sim card. I use fongo on my tablet mostly to call voicemail or the neighbour also on the $15 plan and he does say it's difficult to hear the caller if either person has any background noise ie. tv or radio on. Whereas on my side everything us perfectly clear most of the time with the occasional echo-ey call that I just hang up and redial. I have only ever used it on wifi and I think I may still have the older version of the app having not updated it.


I have textnow on my phone for calls or texting when I don't want to use my real phone number. The ads drive me crazy and I have lost my number several times as I dont use it on a regular basis. I also get a lot of calls and texts from contacts of the former phone number user and it splits up long texts out of sequence. But the call quality is superior to fongo's in the free version of each voip provider's app.


Fongo in particular has improved services when using their physical sim card for paid service.

@darlicious   unless they provide a different app or they use set a priority to their service, I am not sure I am convinced.  (And even it is true, with my experience, I really hesitate to pay and try it out)


the app itself is buggy and slow. , slow when you login or try to make calls.  So many times, maybe it can't  connect to the server, after you entered a number, it not really responding, no error no nothing, no tone... i gave up.. and then 2 or 3 mins later, suddenly the phone connected .. but remember I already gave up the call and doing something else or left the phone on the side


And about call quality, people always complain they cannot hear.  At first, i thought is the headset or device. Tried many different phones, with or without headset, same.


Textnow, fast to connect, fast to login , never have trouble to hear on both sides.  And you can login from multiple phones together (Fongo can't ..) .  Only complain, the ad.  TextNow has a lot more ad to show then Fongo.


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Thanks for posting about this option. Basically what you are saying is in Canada with a fongo sim card or in the U.S. with access to a textnow sim card these voip providers can offer a similarily priced but better features to the formerly priced $10 legacy 50/50 plan from pm.



Fongo in particular has improved services when using their physical sim card for paid service. Not unlike Lum the voip provider service offered by Sasktel in that province. The only downside for me is indirectly giving Rogers any of my a pass for me but an option for anyone else not morally opposed to the Rogers network/provider. 

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But Fongo Wireless is not a true mobile phone.  It comes with the data for you to use Fongo VoIP app.


Fongo app is ok, not great.  For sure not as good as TexNow