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money was not taken out (picture attached)


I am not sure how the rewards work. Also me and my sister set to a auto pay service and she will be paying for the bill for both of us. Recently, it was the end/start of  a new month cycle but only half of the money was taken out meaning bill regarding my sister's account was taken out (using the lowest service which is $15 but $11.50 was taken out maybe because of the rewards? which I dont understand) plus $1.15. I am not sure why this happened and where $1.15 came from. image0.jpeg

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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: money was not taken out (picture attached)

Is Autopay the only reward she is eligible for? Log into self-serve and look at what rewards you earn. Did you earn any for participating in the community or does she have any referrals?

Mayor / Maire

Re: money was not taken out (picture attached)

If you have autopay that would be $2 reward and 3 x $1 referrals would equal $5 in savings so $10 plus tax.

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Re: money was not taken out (picture attached)

@jk02 check transaction history in self-service account, and it will show payments and rewards applied.

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Re: money was not taken out (picture attached)

@jk02  is this your 2nd 30 cycle renewal date?  If it is, you received a $10 referral credit  and you are on the $15 plan too, then its all right. The $1.15 would be for your plan. $15 - 10 (friend referral credit) - 4 (2 autopay rewards) =  $1 + 15% applicable taxes.  The $11.50  would be your sister's. Next cycle your charge will be $13 + 15% applicable taxes.  Welcome to PM. Stay safe. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: money was not taken out (picture attached)

Hi @jk02 

Best to look into payment history in both of your accounts.

You signed up for autopay.

You both got$2 credit at signup for autopay.

You both got $2 credit for autopay at renewal.

One of you used referral code at signup the I I've didn't

So I've of you got $10 bonus the day after signing up.

One account has $4 on credits, the other has $14.

The 0.15 is the tax rate for your province


Side note you can still get the referral bonus for the one to didn't use referral code with, you will need to contact moderators and ask them to do it manually. Tell them you forgot to put it.


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Re: money was not taken out (picture attached)

@jk02 When you look at the payment history of your accounts please be aware that the amounts WON'T MATCH your credit card statement. All amounts shown in your PM account are without tax.

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