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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

can't change my plan


i want to change my plan on next renew date using self serve, i log in my account,go to change my plan,but it dosen't show new plan i will choose from also no show my current plan,i log out and log into try coulpe of time,all the same.

what can i do?


Mayor / Maire

Re: can't change my plan

Try again in a few hours, sometimes the website is weird like that. Also you can try a different browser to see if that works! 


Re: can't change my plan

Try clearing cache or incognito mode or a different browser. Or simply wait an hour as mentioned. If urgent ie renewal is today, take a screenshot,  and if you are unable to make the change in time, you have proof you tried and can ask mods to help. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: can't change my plan

@kindmanMake sure your browser is not running any kind of content blockers. The website is very sensitive to any browser add ons that try to mess with the content, hence people suggest just run in a browser's incognito mode.