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Mayor / Maire

Re: Self serve down March11 2020?


Renewal as in July 14th or July 15th? You can schedule a plan change on next renewal at anytime in the preceding 30 days. You can also cancel it right up until your renewal.


Its important to remember that your plan features reset at midnight eastern and your plan amount is taken from your balance or charged to your autopay card at about 2 am eastern. If your card has not been charged yet you could put it on hold forcing an autopay failure. Once that occurs and your account is suspended you would be able to change your plan, pay and reactivate with the new plan.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Self serve down March11 2020?

@anmacdonald wrote:

Well I kinda wanted to change my plan before renewal overnight. It’s not urgent I suppose. Just frustrating. Thank you for the response. 

Don't try that. It'll charge you for both plans if you do it too late. Do as above and schedule the change.

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